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Purveyor of Historically Inspired and Reproduction Accessories


Genuine Leather Garters


Carved Wooden Corset Busks


18th Century Jewelry

Historical Reproduction Stockings

Handmade, natural fiber accessories, to complete your reenactment / history-bounding / cottage-core wardrobe.

What Wild Rose Stands For


I believe that products sold in Canada should be made by people who could afford to live in Canada.
If I haven't personally crafted a product in my shop, it has been carefully sought from a first-world source.
I hope that one day I will be able to confidently say the same for the origin of raw materials. Together we can make that possible by investing in local businesses, and first-world manufacturing.

Image by Allef Vinicius


From material selection, to packaging, the environmental impact of these decisions is a top priority at the atelier.
You can help this initiative by returning your mockup components for reuse, by seeking my alteration and repair services as needed, and most importantly, by investing in products that are made to fit, and built to last.

Image by Annie Spratt


I don't believe that there's any point in making something if you're not going to do it right. For me, that means starting with high-quality natural fibers, a custom-fitted pattern, and combining the best of historical and modern techniques to construct heirloom quality clothing.

I will forever be a student of my craft, and I look forward to sharing that joy with you as we embark on your bespoke project.

Leather Workshop
Flowers on Grungy Wall


Tonya R.

These corsets are Functional art. Rebecca is extremely sweet and patient and attentive to every detail. She gets back to any questions you have immediately, and is willing to assist with every single step with no hesitations. I HIGHLY recommend working with her.

Dana L.

I cannot say enough good things about Rebecca. Being involved in the whole custom process was a lot of fun, and the end result is absolutely flawless. My corset is exactly what I wanted and the most comfortable one I have by far, right out of the package!

Bianca B.

Rebecca made me a gorgeous custom corset. She was patient with my requests and questions. She gave excellent advice and suggestions. I ended up getting exactly what I wanted in function, but the final result was even more beautiful than I expected!


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