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Each and every item is made by hand, especially for you, so you may as well have exactly what you want! If you don't see what you're picturing in store, please ask. Corsetry, leather-craft, evening, bridal, and costume design services are available. EVERY body welcome.


Upon booking, you will be provided with comprehensive instructions for taking your own measurements at home. A custom pattern will be drafted according to those measurements, and your design.
Be sure to share any previous experiences, pertaining to corset fit, and comfort, and any medical conditions that may be relevant.


Included in the cost of every custom order, it's a rough canvas draft, to test the fit of your pattern. In-person fittings can be arranged in Ottawa, Ontario, but most are completed long-distance, online.
Mock-ups are to be returned, so the busk and bones can be reused in your final corset. Cost of return shipping is not included.


You may reserve your commission space in the shop, with a $100 booking deposit. This will be deducted from the final cost of your order. Please inquire for current wait times.
Upon commencement of your project, your custom pattern will be drafted, and your mock-up prepared for in-person fitting, or shipping. More than one mock-up may be required. Once we have fitted your mock-up(s), final projects are completed within 3-4 weeks.

Elaborate, or multi-piece projects will require more time to complete.


Your bespoke clothing will be made to last, with proper care, for years of regular use. But just in case, I've got you covered for the first one.
Repairs required due to manufacturer, or material defect will be completed for free, for 1 year from the date of completion.


Using a single layer construction method means that altering your corset is entirely possible.
If the fit isn't quite right when you receive your custom made piece, let me know within 2 weeks, and return in within 6 for complementary alterations.

One of the best things we can do to reduce fashion's footprint on our planet is to take care of the clothing we have. I will always be happy to alter and repair my creations to extend their lifespan, and usefulness in your wardrobe. Before tossing or donating your custom made piece, please message me for an assessment and quote.


Your $100 booking deposit, available in the shop, will be deducted from the final cost of your order.
The balance of your commission will be divided into two payments, the first taken when we finalize the details of your project. Changes to your design after this point may be subject to additional cost. Final payment is due upon completion, prior to shipping. Credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal and email-transfer are accepted.
Estimates and receipts for private insurance claims can be provided, with a doctor's written recommendation for a corset.

All payments are non-refundable.

Have another question?
Send me a message!

“Superior service and care taken during fitting. If you want to have a corset made just for you, this is the place to get it!”

— Crystal D.

“The whole process was a lot of fun...My final piece was even more gorgeous and comfortable than I imagined.”

— Dana L.

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