100% cotton flat braid lacing, with metal aglets. High quality, non-stretch, non-slip lacing - the same ones used for my custom corset commissions.
The "natural" laces are undyed, and take dye beautifully.


Please note aglet color at checkout: silver, gunmetal/antique silver, gold, antique brass


Body size, level of reduction, height of corset back, and type of front closure will affect the amount of lacing you need. For reference, please measure the length of the laces you are replacing. Being made to order, these laces are non-refundable.


General size guideline:
Itty bitty waspie - 4m
Underbust - 6m
Overbust - 8m
High back longline - 10m
Corset Dress - 12m

Cotton Corset Lacing