Hardwood Maple Busk for Stay Making. Available in 2 lengths, 30cm(12") and 35cm (14").


Before the advent of the metal front opening busk, the front of corsets/stays were structured by a length of solid wood or whalebone. It became a popular romantic token when decorated for one's sweetheart. Often carved, sometimes painted, there is great variety in the surviving examples of these busks, and I am so pleased to offer you the opportunity to create your own.

Unsealed, you may decorate and finish your busk however you like. 


Handmade by a local artisan using natural materials, some variation is to be expected between pieces. Please see images for example, and let me know if you'd like to select a particular busk from what I have in stock.


The 30cm length busk measures 31mm wide, and fits snugly into a 35mm pocket. The 35cm busk measures slightly wider at 33mm, and will fit well into a 1.5" pocket.
Roughly 3mm thick.

Hardwood Stay Busk - Carve your own Sweetheart Busk